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About Us

MS Group

Motisons Group is an established name in the business world of Jaipur, which made its debut in the year 1998 as a jeweller and soon emerged as one of the most renowned brands not only in Jaipur but across the country, known for creating some of the most magnificent pieces of jewels.

The Group is also a conglomerate as it holds not only the jewellery division but also a diversified portfolio including Real Estate, Commodities, Share Market and much more.  We have some of industry’s most experienced professionals to address the investors needs. Along with this the group also offers online trading in more than 52 future commodities. So by combining years of rich experience and its inventive customer oriented approach the group has grown to become one of the most prominent retail future brokers. Considering the up market trends in luxury real-estate, the group has also expanded its roots in real estate development and is establishing an ultra premium township in the city of Jaipur.

Motisons Jewellers

The Managing Directors, Mr. Sandeep Chhabra & Sanjay Chhabra, had a strong vision to take the jewellery division to an all new level in the Retail Sector, therefore the duo continued to take it over to great heights, and as a result today the brand successfully operates from two of the most prominent locations in Jaipur. The first outlet, famously known as the Traditional store is situated amidst the famous lanes of the busiest Johri Bazaar, in the heart of the city, however The Flagship Store_Motisons Tower is located at the High Street of Tonk Road, Jaipur. The most recent outlet is situated in the affluent neighbourhood in the southwestern part of Jaipur at Vaishali Nagar.

The outer structure reflects the beauty of the Lotus flower which is a symbol of prosperity, making it look more enchanting in the 9 shades of gem stones, called Navratnas. Interiors of the showroom gives a mesmerizing feel, the ambience is majestically breathtaking and adds a vibrant aura. The floor is exceptionally adorned by the intricate inlay work of genuine gemstones, like lapis lazuli, mother-of-pearl & rose quartz, in fine marble. The ceiling on the ground floor is an art in itself, made of 24 carat real gold foil. Adding to the charm is a 3 storey chandelier that covers one part of the 3 floors and the other half has a resplendent display of jewels and artifacts.


Not so long ago, a group of diligent individuals inhibiting the old-world values, grounded to their roots and traditions followed the principle “To provide customers with a diverse range of choices, introduce high-end technology and at the same time preserve the traditional designs and craftsmanship.”

With the belief that “It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are!” the team of Motisons Group started operations through a small outlet by manufacturing simple, yet classy jewelry. Minutely observing the customer-satisfaction and precision in work, they managed to expand the stand-alone store to an astounding ‘four-outlet ‘company. At a time when diversifying and innovations were at their peak, the Motisons Group successfully ventured into commodities in 2002, Stock Markets in 2004, followed by Construction in 2008. Since then, there was no looking back.

Running and developing such a brand could not be done without a rigorous set of values and principles. Over the years Motisons has proved to be the most rooted brand when it comes to cultural and ethical set of values with its clients, suppliers and staff. Endowed with a set of ethics and a sense of loyalty, the Motisons Group has reached such a high degree of integration.

Vision and Mission

Vision - “Our vision is to promote trust in the global fine jewellery industry and serve the customers with the best offering that imbeds: trust, purity & quality, while preserving the Heritage of Royal Indian Tradition. We aim to be known internationally and expand our footprints further in the ecommerce industry, considering the fast pace of online business in this segment.”

Mission - “We strive to be recognized for standards and certification organization for fine jewellery while driving growth with immense business values by unleashing the opportunities and people potential. We are committed to create the finest establishing Jewels, including the signature pieces of Jadau Kundan Polki.”

Motisons - The Brand

As a renowned jeweller Motisons has established a strong stamp of Recognition, Quality and credible Reputation, and our customers continue to be loyal to the brand for generations now.

We believe in expanding eponymous label to the international markets and continue to innovate and strive for new benchmarks in quality, Creativity and Design.

We have cherished the importance of heritage, style and innovation, with an eye for detail and understanding of a woman’s desire for seeking a design that has the international sensibility too, which also reflects in the beauty of Motisons Tower, that stands as an epitome of grace in the middle of the city, redefining its sheen and luster like never before. The shielding palisade of the showroom is the witness to world-class jewelry we offer and the trust of our clientele in our brand. The treasure-house of legacy which is an architectural marvel of the urban world; the magmas of unimaginable configuration, is a home to the enchanting ensemble of priceless gemstones-studded jewelry. The golden welkin of the showroom and its enchanting efficacy multiplies its existing enigma worldwide.

At Motisons Jewellers , “All that glitters is not only Gold, but diamonds, rubies, sapphires and much more...”

Motisons, the name in itself strikes a perfect chord when it comes to immaculate jewelry. Our designs echo an earthly power of priceless, precious stones, engraved to perfection. We, as a brand have always been acknowledged for our jewellery that defines the cultural boundaries and truly reflects the artistic edge of its master craftsmen. In line with the trending styles in fashion, we offer intricate Diamond, Gold and Silver jewelry from handmade Indian ethnic to the cutting edge styles of the urban world. Celebrating the feminine luster in its efficacious ways, Motisons pieces inspire every woman to appreciate, own and treasure it for a lifetime; radiating nothing else, but luxury.

Even today, the brand treasures the historic, handcrafted jewelry design skills of its master artisans that date back to generations. Using the highest quality and rarest of stones, the elaborate masterpieces of Motisons jewelry will continue to rule forever.

Hands do all the talking in the jewelled premises of Motisons, roping in the timelessness and bringing out excellence with the most assorted and immaculate lapidary. True to their heritage, the jewelry adheres to the aesthetic and modern times which are visible in our jewellery collection.

Motisons has quite literally charmed its way into the hearts of its in numerous clientele with exquisitely crafted jewelry that is sophisticated yet ethnic. So whether you are searching for that one ring you can’t take your eyes off, or those stunning pair of earrings, or perhaps one of those breath-taking necklaces, look no further because you can find it all under one roof.