"The best software for custom home builders. I researched a lot of software before choosing Houzz Pro. Best part? How much is included for the price. Houzz Pro does so much to make me look good to customers and bring me quality leads. My custom home clients love sharing ideas with me and then I use that as a springboard to continue using the Houzz Pro system for the entire project."

Estimate Templates

The work is already halfway done

Jumpstart your estimating process by accessing our templates — simply choose your project type and our builder pricing software will generate all of the line items you’ll need along with local cost data that you can edit from your dashboard. Check out our database consisting of local material and labor costs, based on each project’s location. If you want to use your own costs, you can customize a brand-new template from scratch, which you can save to reuse on future build projects. Or you can cancel out the extra work by uploading an existing costs file.

Customizable Estimate Software

Control every aspect of your estimates

Creating builder estimates in Houzz Pro allows you to customize every facet. Once you’ve created your estimate template, you can then add new line items, images, descriptions and reorder your columns. You can also attach files, add in your terms and conditions and memos and have straightforward access to when payments would be expected. For savvy communication, include the payment schedule as well as request upfront deposits from clients through either percentage or dollar value.

Client Personalization

Building contractor estimating software you can customize for any client

Once your estimate is all set up, take a moment to preview how it will look from your client’s perspective, professionally branded with your company logo and business information. Make estimates personable by adding a custom message to your estimate through using one of our vetted email templates, or typing your own from scratch. From here, clients are able to view, approve and pay for everything online – they can even provide an e-signature from their mobile or desktop device.

From Takeoff to Estimate

Eliminate hours of calculations

Houzz Pro takeoffs allows you to save hours on quotes and bid on jobs up to 10 times faster. Complete elaborate calculations in a matter of minutes, promptly turning them into highly detailed and professional estimates. All you have to do is upload your plans and you’re ready to go. You won't be able to remember how you worked before our building cost estimating software.

Estimate Measurement tools

Retire your ruler

By employing our online tools, you can easily measure the length or area of any space in just a few clicks. Our takeoffs are ready to calculate anything needed to create the perfect builder estimate – from the number of outlets, total area of the floors to the amount of needed materials. Bring multiple measurements together in order to auto calculate the total. From there, your measurements and calculations can be easily transformed into professionally branded estimates.

Building material estimate software that expedites payment

Clients can simply click the “pay now” button and they have the option to submit a payment either by credit card or bank transfer.


Keep your builder estimates organized

Between new leads coming in, estimates going out and everything in between, most builder could use a helping hand. Our building estimation and costing software comes with a full suite of project management tools to help you manage everything from inquiry to close. Assign tasks, share files, build timelines and more.

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