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How our billing and invoicing tools for interior designers work

Save time and reduce manual billing errors. Create professional looking invoices from pre-approved proposals using Houzz Pro's interior design invoice software.

Professionally branded interior design invoice

Professionally branded invoices

Save time, stay organized and stand out amongst the competition. Whether you’re tracking, sending, or paying invoices, our interior design invoice software will make sure they look good and feel like a breeze every time. 


Politely nudges clients to pay on time

Cut back on time worrying about getting paid and forgotten invoices. Send an invoice or set a payment schedule and Houzz Pro takes care of the rest. Clients can receive automated email reminders, easily view all their open payments and even pay right from their phone.

"I love that with the invoice tool, clients can click a button to pay me! Online payments eliminates the awkwardness of asking for someone to write me a check. If a consultation goes over an hour, I’ll invoice them for the correct amount. When I get a lead we set up a consultation, I can send an invoice, and get paid before I roll out of my garage."

Interior designer enjoys capped ACH fee when scheduling payment for client

Increase margins while lowering transactions

Increase your margins with lower transaction fees and capped ACH. With our interior design billing software, bank transfers are fast, encrypted and capped to keep fees as low as possible.


The inside scoop

Generate more revenue with financial reports that pull back the curtain on project profitability. In minutes you can integrate our interior design billing software with your QuickBooks Online account, organizing all financial information in one place.

"Houzz Pro has solved one of my toughest challenges... time billing. I was using Quickbooks previously and it would bring me to tears, as a designer, it felt tedious and overwhelming. The time tracker makes it so simple to add time as I go, I never have to sacrifice another Sunday afternoon again dedicated to time billing."

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